Sunday, June 7, 2009

it hurts..

it hurts to see our best friend(s) in deep trouble or in big problems.. it hurts to see our parents in the same situation.. it hurts to see when our loved one in the same situation.. normally we'll try our best to solve their problems or even to comfort them.. but when it happens to ourselves, who will be there for us?? sometimes, when we are in need of someone, and that someone is not there or even do not bother to be there, it will eventually hurt even more!! huhu.. and worse, if something that we didn't expect it to happen in front of us or behind us happens right in front of our nose, what would it feel like?? i feel sorry for myself or on behalf of anybody else.. this is life.. it will hurt us in order to teach us.. sometimes, life can be very cruel.. especially, when we are alone.. when we are being abandoned, when we are left..

it hurts...


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